A personal message from Bryson McCall Smith

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            Bryson McCall Smith here again (Have you missed me?).

            It's time again for the annual ADAPT Fun Run for Disability Rights. This 2022 virtual extravaganza will be held on April 30th & the focus will be on increased wages for community attendants.

            As I’ve explained before, the ADAPT Fun Run is an action packed 1 hour event to raise funds for disability rights by running, rolling, jogging, walking, crawling, or using whatever method you choose, as many laps as possible.

            Again this year I’ll be running (if you can call it that) to raise funds for ADAPT of Texas (2012 Chronicle Best Champions for Equal Access award winner) & the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities (CTD), a statewide advocacy organization.

            As usual, I’ll be limiting myself to one grueling lap in the one hour time period. This years approximately ¼ mile route/lap will utilize & celebrate the new Red River sidewalk project (funded by the 2016 City of Austin mobility bonds). I’ll begin my lap in front of my complex at 4210 Red river, cross street (safely), head north on the newly completed sidewalk (also known as the Warren Hamill grocery route expressway) to 45th Street, crossing Red River safely again, & returning home.

            I’m requesting that my 1,000,000 adoring fans pledge $15.00 each per lap in recognition & support of a $15.00 minimum wage for community attendants. (Remember, I’m limiting myself to one lap.).





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