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Dear Friends and Advocates,

I will be lacing up my fastest pair of running shoes, slipping on that old track suit in the back of my closet and running 10-12 laps in this years ADAPT FUN*RUN, an annual event that raises money to support non-profit organizations. I am participating in the FUN RUN to support the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities (CTD) the organization that I have worked at and called home for seven years now. Half of the funds raised will go to help us continue the disability advocacy work that has been going on here for over 35 years and half to ADAPT to continue theirs! It’s not easy to keep any non-profit organization going for that long and every dollar raised helps us stay strong.

You can help me complete these laps by selecting the pledge button above and becoming my sponsor. You can either pledge a set amount for each lap, or a "flat" donation. For those of you that its been awhile since we talked, don’t worry when I said up above I was going to lace up my fastest running shoes, their just for looks! I’m still in a chair and as slow as a turtle, SO if you invest by laps you may get off cheap but if give a big enough “flat” donation I may jump up and run one. <em>(or fall “flat” on my face on the track and look like a turtle on his back, but with some fast looking sneakers on)! </em>Pardon the "flat" pun and of course all of your donations are tax deductible.

Thanks for your support and if you know of others who may be interested in sponsoring me please extend my reach by forwarding this on.


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