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Dear Friend of Disability Rights:

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the closing of our track at Yellojacket Stadium, many are opting for a virtual run.  Very responsible!  I'll be trying something different.  First, I will be running about 6 miles on 04/25/2020.  My route will be through the quiet streets of downtown Austin.  I'll begin at CTD on San Antonio St., swing by the Capitol, head south on Congress Avenue to cross the Ann Richards Bridge, head west past the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue, turn north, past the Governor's Mansion and finish at CTD.

Follow along!  On 4/25, CTD will be posting live updates of all our runners to Facebook and Twitter @TXDisabilities!

Let's be honest, these difficult times are very tough for the non-profits who serve people with disabilities, a community hit very hard  by the coronavirus. I would appreciate your support as a sponsor. Please select the sponsor button above and make a generous pledge for each lap, or a flat donation. Remember, your donation is tax deductible.


Dennis Borel, Executive Director

CTD/Coalition of Texans with Disabilities

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