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Friends, family and fellow runners,


Every year I participate in the ADAPT OF TEXAS FUNRUN to raise funds for the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities, a non-profit organization that protects the civil and social rights of every Texan who has a disability. Everyone in the ADAPT FUNRUN typically meets at the Yellow Jacket stadium to run as many laps as possible in one hour.


This year, due to COVID-19, the ADAPT FUNRUN is a virtual event. I will be running 6 miles, on my own, to raise money for the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities. The need to support this organization, however, is stronger than ever. Join with all my other sponsors by making a pledge to support the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities.

Make your pledge by selecting this link: http://adaptfunrun.net/runner/message/1824

Thanks for your support,



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